Third stage of Desafio Ruta 40

The Tamarugal Rally Team starts with Javier Campillay behind the wheel at the this years Desafio Ruta race in South America at 6th of March. A total of 20 participants starting in the car category of the race, counting to the Dakar Series. Quit not so much competitors as like in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge which is counting to the FIA Cross Country Worldcup and runs actually in Abu Dhabi. The bigger part of competitors are the Moto- (45) and Quad-pilots (20), most of  them based in South America.

Basically the start and the two first stages were cancelled because of the hard rain and bad stage conditions. During the third day the competitors had for the first time the chance to take the race under their wheels. The Tamarugal Rally Team finished the first day on third position overall and leads the list of the T1 Diesel-powered vehicles.

Link to the youtube-movie of the third etap (Cars from minute  4:15 on) : > Klick<

Link to the actual overall standings : > Klick <

Information of  Desafio Ruta 40: > Klick <

Facebook-account Tamarugal Rally Team: > Klick <


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