Kahle/Schünemann: „Small things make a big difference“

The dust of the Dakar has settled: In this interview, Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann look back at their exciting and successful adventure in the desert. The pilots of the HS RallyeTeam talk about their best and worst experiences and why they are satisfied with position 13. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen


Kahle/Schünemann: „Kleinigkeiten machen große Unterschiede“


Der Staub der Dakar hat sich gelegt: Im Interview blicken Matthias Kahle und Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann auf ihr ebenso aufregendes wie erfolgreiches Abenteuer in der Wüste zurück. Die Piloten des HS RallyeTeams berichten, was ihre schönsten und schlimmsten Erlebnisse waren und wie zufrieden sie mit Platz 13 sind.

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Dakar 2013 review : HS RallyeTeam shows its best performance in the desert adventure

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 2January 22nd 2013 – Reliable technology, experienced drivers and highly committed teamwork – this was the recipe for success of the HS RacingTeam during the Dakar 2013. In spite of their strong rivals, Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann impressed with position 13 overall. On more than 8,500 kilometers they only had to get out their shovel four times, the jack twice. The chronicle of a success story. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen

Dakar Rückblick : HS RallyeTeam zeigt seine beste Leistung beim Wüstenabenteuer

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 222. Januar 2013 – Zuverlässige Technik, routinierte Fahrer und eine engagierte Teamleistung – so lautete das Erfolgsrezept des HS RallyeTeams bei der Dakar 2013. Matthias Kahle und Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann beeindruckten trotz starker Rivalen mit Gesamtrang 13. Auf 8.500 Kilometern mussten sie nur vier Mal zur Sandschaufel und zwei Mal zum Wagenheber greifen. Die Chronik einer Erfolgsgeschichte. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen

Artikel in der Tageszeitung „Freien Presse“ über die Dakar 2013 aus Sicht eines Mechanikers…

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Fotostrecke Dakar 2013, Part 2

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Dakar 2013, Podium finish : Kahle/Schünemann best German team for the third time

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 2January 21st 2013 – Best new car, fourth arrival at the finish, ten days among the    Top 20: In Santiago de Chile, the HS RallyeTeam around Matthias Kahle and      Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann celebrates its outstanding performance during the Rallye Dakar 2013. We present some impressive statistics of the successful Dakar-premier in the 4WD-prototype SAM 30D CC. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen

Dakar 2013, Podium : Kahle/Schünemann zum dritten Mal die besten Deutschen

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 221. Januar 2013 – Bestes neues Auto, vierte Zielankunft und zehn Tage in den Top 20: In Santiago de Chile feiert das HS RallyeTeam um Matthias Kahle und Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann seine großartige Leistung bei der Rallye Dakar 2013. Wir zeigen ein paar beeindruckende Statistiken von der erfolgreichen Dakar-Premiere im Allrad-Prototypen SAM 30D CC. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen

Dakar, Day 15 : HS RallyeTeam finishes Dakar on excellent 13th place overall

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 2January 20th 2013 – The HS RallyeTeam has mastered the world’s hardest rallye for the fourth time in five years: Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann entered Santiago de Chile after more than 8,500 kilometers on position 13 of the car classification on Saturday evening. Once again, they are the best German driver pairing of the Rallye Dakar.

Great delight in the HS RallyeTeam: Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann finish the Rallye Dakar 2013 as 13th of 153 teams in the car classification. The team from Hamburg achieved an outstanding result thanks to a perfect performance of the Germans and an extremely robust SAM 30D CC. In its 35th edition, the world’s hardest rallye has the most top-flight participants for many years.

After 14 highly demanding stages and more than 8,574 kilometers through Peru, Argentina and Chile, Kahle and Schünemann are only by 5:33.33 hours behind overall winner Stéphane Peterhansel in his Mini All4 Racing. One reason for the small distance is the phenomenal reliability of the SAM 30D CC in its first Dakar-participation – a result of the solid work of the Sächsische Automobil Manufaktur (SAM – Saxon Automobile Factory) in the construction of the car and the daily commitment of the SAM mechanics. There was not one time when Kahle/Schünemann had to stop due to a technical defect in two weeks. The reward for this performance: The 300 HP strong 4WD prototype is the best Dakar newcomer amongst all participants, and Kahle/Schünemann reached the finish line in Santiago de Chile as the fastest German driver pairing. Working well together, the duo especially impressed on the demanding rallye tracks in Argentina that required excellent driving skills: Two times, the HS RallyeTeam landed amongst the Top Ten in the daily classification.

On the last stage of the desert rallye, the pilots who had grown up in the classic rallye sport are in their element again. Kahle and navigator Schünemann enjoyed the fast and curvy gravel tracks of the final section between La Serena and Santiago de Chile, passed by four trucks and five cars on the Special and reached the 14th place in the daily classification despite of numerous overtaking maneuvers. At the same time, the HS RallyeTeam asserted itself in the duel with Robby Gordon’s Hummer H3 and managed to finish the race with a lead of 4.42 minutes. Matthias Kahle and Thomas M. Schünemann will be celebrated as the 13th in the car classification by thousands of fans in Santiago de Chile on Sunday.

Matthias Kahle: „After many hard days, the organizers created a really nice competition for the end of the rallye. It was a successful final. We are overjoyed to have reached the goal and got through the stresses and strains. In my view, we have never shown such a great team performance like this year. The team of SAM has made an excellent job, because we have never had so little problems, and our time is closer to the top than ever before.”

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „Unbelievable! Once again, we have defeated the hardest rallye of the world! I am so proud of the whole team. Each of us has given everything during the last two weeks in order to reach the best result possible. Considering the tough competitors, the 13th place can be seen as a great success. We have hardly made any mistakes on more than 8,000 kilometers and mastered some stages outstandingly. The only pity is that Mathias Behringer, Hugo Kupper and Michael Karg in their new race truck dropped out early due to a technical defect. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a great closing ceremony in Santiago de Chile!”

Final Results of the Rallye Dakar 20130r ist volle Konzentratiten.lt.en auf, die der Offroad-Sport bereit hält.  Welt so langsam auf die Zielgerade einbiegt.

Pos. Pilot/Co-Pilot Vehicle

Total Time

1. Peterhansel/Cottret Mini All4 Racing


2. De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz Toyota Hilux Pickup


3. Novitskyi/Zhiltsov Mini All4 Racing


4. Roma/Perin Mini All4 Racing


5. Terranova/Fiuza BMW X3 CC


6. Sousa/Ramalho Great Wall Haval


7. Chabot/Pillot SMG V8 Buggy


8. Chicherit/Garcin SMG V8 Buggy


9. Thomasse/Larroque MD Optimus Buggy


10. Alvarez/Graue Toyota Hilux Pickup


11. Olholm/Aston Toyota Hilux Pickup


12. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


13. Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC


14. Gordon/Walch Hummer H3


15. Malysz/Marton Toyota Hilux Pickup


Results of the HS RallyeTeam
















Daily class.















Overall class.















Dakar, Tag 15 : HS RallyeTeam beendet Dakar auf hervorragendem 13. Gesamtrang

MOTORSPORT -  DAKAR 2013 - PART 220. Januar 2013 – Das HS RallyeTeam hat die härteste Rallye der Welt zum vierten Mal in fünf Jahren bezwungen: Matthias Kahle und Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann liefen am Samstagabend nach mehr als 8.500 Kilometern auf Position 13 der Automobilwertung in Santiago de Chile ein und sind damit einmal mehr die beste rein deutsche Fahrerpaarung bei der Rallye Dakar. Mehr von diesem Beitrag lesen