Marocco Rallye 2013, Stage 6 – Upbeat end for the HS RallyeTeam

Happy for one day in normal business: Driver  Matthias Kahle

Happy for one day in normal business: Driver Matthias Kahle

October 19th 2013 – Rush Hour in the desert: The HS RallyeTeam finished the Marocco Rallye with a sensational performance. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann passed 37 competitors on the last stage. Despite the numerous overtaking manoeuvres, the German team norrowly missed a top ten position.

On the sixth and last stage of the Marocco Rallye, the HS RallyeTeam’s perseverance finally turned out to be worth it. After several technical problems during the days before, the SAM 30D CC with starting number 307 worked flawlessly in the grand finale. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann knew how to make most of this from the first moment on. Having started from the last position, they overtook 37 competitors on the 245 kilometer long Special. This corresponds to 63 percent of the remaining participants and averagely one overtaking manoeuvre every 6,65 kilometers.

Despite the circumstances, Kahle/Schünemann achieved an outstanding result in the daily classification: It took the HS RallyeTeam’s pilots only 27.57 minutes more to finish the diversified Special than winner of the day Orlando Terranova (Mini All4 Racing). In the daily classification they landed on position eleven, only by 4.10 minutes behind a top ten rank.

With his win on the final stage, Terranova underpinned his strength once more. The Argentinian had lost his lead due to exceeding the speed limit prior to the final. In the end, he crossed the finish line of the final 9.43 minutes before Patrick Sireyjol (SMG Buggy) and 16.02 minutes before Vladimir Vasilyev (Mini All4 Racing).


Matthias Kahle: „This was the day we had wished for for the last stage! It was hard to stay motivated during the last days, but today the SAM worked excellently. Moreoever, Thomas and me have shown an outstanding performance. We spent a lot of time in the dust and had some difficult overtaking manoeuvres, but all in all we are really happy that we made it to the finish line.“

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „Our perseverance has paid off. Giving up was not and option, and today we have rewarded ourselves for this attitude with a great performance. We drove at high speed today, but without taking big risks – what is not always easy when you try to overtake. There is a certain danger when you have to fight your way through the whole field. But we did it, and we are overjoyed to have reached the finish line of the Marocco Rallye despite all the difficulties on the way.“

Current final results Marocco Rallye 20130r ist volle auf, die der Offroad-Sport bereit hält.  Welt so langsam auf die Zielgerade einbiegt.

Pos. Pilot / Copilot Vehicle

Total time

1. Terranova/Fiuza Mini All4 Racing


2. Sireyjol/Beguin SMG Buggy


3. Vasilyev/Yevtyekhov Mini All4 Racing


4. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


5. Dabrowski/Czachor Toyota Hilux Pickup


6. Rakhimbayev/Zhiltsov Toyota Hilux Pickup


7. Wevers/Lurquin HRX Ford


8. Issabayev/Ashimov Toyota Hilux Pickup


9. Villagra/Perez Companc Mini All4 Racing


10. Huzink/Maimon HRX Ford


? Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC


Positions HS RallyeTeam*








Daily results














Combined results of cars, trucks and SSV


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