Marocco Rallye 2013, Stage 4 – Press Release HS RallyeTeam does not give up the fight

MCH28826October 17th 2013 – Despite new technical problems on the fourth stage of the Marocco Rallye, Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann do not give up the competition. After the successful repair of the V-belt tension the HS RallyeTeam is planning a final spurt for the last two rallye days.

Technology seems to have conspired against Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: The HS RallyeTeam’s pilots had to throw the towel after the first two kilometers of the fourth stage of the Marocco Rallye. The SAM 30D CC’s V-belt tension had broken and made it impossible for the V-belt to work. Kahle/Schünemann had to give way to all competitors until the SAM mechanics were allowed to help them with the replacement part for the 4WD prototype.

After the repair, the whole HS RallyeTeam set out on the way back to the biwak in Erfoud, the new home for all teams till Saturday afternoon. Despite all the obstacles, giving up is not an option for Kahle/Schünemann. The desert Veterans, who landed a brilliant 13th place overall on the Rallye Dakar in January, want use the two last days to show what they are capable of.

While the overall ranking is not relevant to the team anymore, the Argentinian Orlando Terranova still lonelily leads the field. Even if he lost the stage victory to his team-mate Vladimir Vasilyev by 1.42 minutes, he managed to extend his overall lead by three more minutes. Patrick Sireyjol (SMG Buggy) on second place is 27.53 minutes behind Terranova.

Matthias Kahle: „If one wants to draw a positive conclusion from this day, you could say that we had the chance to calmly watch the whole field. But seriously: This time we have as much misfortune as usually in five rallyes together. Nevertheless, there is no point about burying our heads in the sand. We will do everything we can to show our potential during the last two days.“

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „Immediately after the fault we were somewhat disappointed- we could not drive more than two kilometers today. But if there is anything we have learned during all those years of desert rallyes, it is that you should never give up. The overall classification is long gone for us. We want to get through the last two days and reward the mechanics for their hard work under the desert sun with an arrival at the finish.“

Next: Stage 5, From Erg Chebbi to Oued El Mader, Distance: 349 km, Special: 310 km

The fifth day is waiting with the longest and most diversified stage of the rallye. The Special starts with curvy mountain roads and leads through picturesque palm groves. In the second half of the 310 kilometer long stage, the teams have to weave their way through the dunes of Erg Chebbi before reaching the fast and easy roads towards the goal. But the copilots have to be highly concentrated on the last kilometers, as they pass through a labyrinth of parallel tracks.


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