Marocco Rallye 2013, Stage 2 – Press Release A short night and a day nearly perfect for the HS RallyeTeam

Nearly a perfect day - for a stone washed car...

Nearly a perfect day – for a stone washed car…

October 15th 2013 – Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann are back on track. The HS RallyeTeam pilots did not let their lack of sleep show on the 240 kilometer Special of the second stage. Only a misfire of the engine hindered the SAM 30D CC with starting number 307 from reaching a top ten position.

The second stage began with good news for Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: The reclassification had been successful. Despite technical problems on the first rallye day that had thrown them back to place 66, the HS RallyeTeam could start the second stage from a promising position. Kahle/Schünemann started the 240 kilometer long, hilly and stony Special from position ten.

Despite a lack of sleep – not more than three hours in the case of Schünemann – the German team was wide awake and highly concentrated. Right at the beginning the team got involved in a thrilling fight with competitor Vladimir Vasilyev [Mini All4 Racing]. Kahle and Schünemann improved their position from twelve (checkpoint 1) to ten (checkpoint 2) during the course of the competition, and might have hold that rank if they had not been braked by an engine misfire three kilometers before the goal.

Four long minutes passed until the 300HP turbo diesel came back to life. Kahle / Schünemann nevertheless came in on rank twelve of the daily classification. The overall position most likely will not be clear before tonight, when the last cars will have reached the biwak in Zagora.

Matthias Kahle: „We hardly had any problems today. Due to the reclassification there were no problems with dust – but suddenly the engine switched off. We will have to check the engine in the biwak, but I am sure the SAM team will find a solution. We will tackle the competition tomorrow as we did today and try to achieve good results.“

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „Today was a challenge as it is typical for Marocco: without sand, but through stony tracks and rocks. Some of them could easily damage the car heavily. We had a brilliant duel with Vladimir Vasilyev. Even if he was a little faster on the track, we managed to outnavigate him two times and could finally overtake him. Now I am glad to be in the biwak – and that I do not have to prepare my copoilot-documents in the middle of the night.“

Next: Stage 3, Unter the Sun of Mahmid, Distance: 413 km, Special: 250 km

The longest stage of the Marocco Rallye will surely be one of the hardest. The organizer has announced the most beautiful dunes of the whole rallye for tomorrow. As much as the erg of Cheggaga may please the fotographers – it is going to be a tough challenge for pilots and navigators. Only the best will manage to weave their way through the soft sand without the help of shovel and sand plate.

Results Marocco Rallye 2013 after Stage 2 of 6

Pos. Pilot / Copilot Vehicle

Total time

1. Terranova/Fiuza Mini All4 Racing


2. Ten Brinke/Baumel HRX Ford


3. Sireyjol/Beguin SMG Buggy


4. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


5. Wevers/Lurquin HRX Ford


6. Van Merksteijn/Chevallier Toyota Hilux Pickup


7. Rakhimbayev/Zhiltsov Toyota Hilux Pickup


8. Issabayev/Ashimov Toyota Hilux Pickup


9. Vasilyev/Yevtyekhov Mini All4 Racing


10. Dabrowski/Czachor Toyota Hilux Pickup


? Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC


Positions HS RallyeTeam








Daily results







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