Marocco Rallye 2013, Stage 1 – Technical problems brake the HS RallyeTeam

fast until they stopped due to of technical problems: Kahle/Schuenemann on the SAM

fast until they stopped due to of technical problems: Kahle/Schuenemann on the SAM

October 14th 2013 – Already during the first stage of the Marocco Rallye the HS RallyeTeam suffered a setback: Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann were stopped by a defective servo pump and V-belt on the 203-kilometers long Special. After a successful repair, the team will continue the competition tomorrow.

The Marocco Rallye started spectacularly in several ways. The first one was caused by the organizer himself: After only three kilometers the participants faced a difficult dune passage. For the HS RallyeTeam, all went according to plan on the 18 kilometers of soft dune sand. Matthias Kahle and navigator Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann passed the dunes with flying colours and came in sixth of 63 competing cars, only 7.19 minutes behind front-runner Orlando Terranova (Mini All4 Racing).

The second one was caused by the SAM 30D CC’s technology. The servo pump failed after a third of the 203-kilometer Special, shortly after the 300 HP turbo diesel engine overheated. Diagnosis: The V-belt had come off, probably as an effect of the faulty servo pump. Kahle / Schünemann tried to navigate themselves back to the stage’s start, but finally had to wait for the assistance vehicle.

After a successful repair in the desert, the HS RallyeTeam will return late to the biwak, with a short night ahead. Kahle / Schünemann will probably start the second stage from place eleven or twelve. Even if it will be a hard challenge to get close to the first positions overall, the HS RallyeTeam will start the race to catch up and achieve good stage results.

Matthias Kahle: „Everything was going well at the beginning of the stage, until the servo pump failed and the engine overheated. We had a new V-belt, but soon recognized we could not go on without replacing the servo pump and had to wait for the service team. Such a start is unpleasant, but also part of desert rallye sports.“

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „The technology did not mean it well with us, what really is a pity. After the first part of the stage we were amongst the best, a good position would have been possible. We will try to make the most of it. Even if we did not drive that much, today was really exhausting. Just waiting in the burning sun at 40°C was a torture.“

Next: Stage 2, Fom Jbel to Jbel, Distance: 298 km, Special: 240 km

The second stage of the Marocco Rallye has a completely different character than the first one. The 240-kilometer Special leads from one mountain (Jbel) to another. The last part is faster, but also highly challenging for the driver. Even if he will not have the time to enjoy the fascinating landscape, the track should be to Matthias Kahle’s taste. His navigator Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann is demanded to lead him the right way through the rugged terrain.

Results Marocco Rallye 2013 after Stage 1 of 60r ist volle auf, die der Offroad-Sport bereit hält.  Welt so langsam auf die Zielgerade einbiegt.

Pos. Pilot / Copilot Vehicle

Total time

1. Terranova/Fiuza Mini All4 Racing


2. Rakhimbayev/Zhiltsov Toyota Hilux Pickup


3. Ten Brinke/Baumel HRX Ford


4. Sireyjol/Beguin SMG Buggy


5. Wevers/Lurquin HRX Ford


6. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


7. Issabayev/Ashimov Toyota Hilux Pickup


8. Van Merksteijn/Chevallier Toyota Hilux Pickup


9. Yacopini/Scopinaro Mini All4 Racing


10. Vasilyev/Yevtyekhov Mini All4 Racing


? Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC




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