Kahle: „I am sure we have succeeded in taking a big step“

October 11th 2013 – Welcome to the desert: Three days prior to the start of the Marocco Rallye (October 13th – 19th 2013), Matthias Kahle talks about his expectations for the desert adventure and the improvements on the SAM 30D CC.

Matthias, the HS RallyeTeam will compete with an improved version of the SAM 30D CC. What do you expect from these improvements?

Matthias Kahle The performance has been increased by eight percent compared to the Rallye Dakar. The team of SAM also improved the drivability. That pleases me as a driver. The more performance you have, the easier you can handle the difficult dune tracks without getting stuck. Since the most recent reworks were completed, I have driven the prototype only a few kilometers on asphalt, but already recognized significant differences. Now I am curious about the SAM’s performance in the desert. I am sure we have succeeded in taking a big step forward.

How do you expect the improvements to effect the results?

MK If we only knew that… It is always hard to predict the concrete effects of what is written on paper in a real race. In Marocco we will compete against several strong opponents that we already know from the Rallye Dakar. By comparing ourselves to participants like Erik Wevers [Ford HRX], Peter van Merksteijn [Toyota Hilux Pickup] or Boris Garafulic [Mini All4 Racing] we can see how notable the improvements really are. So we can answer this question at the earliest after having completed the first stage.

If you had to bet: Who will win the Marocco Rallye?

MK I expect one of the six X-Raid-pilots to win. Their combination of driver and engineering is perfect. I see Orlando Terranova on the first place, but maybe Vladimir Vasilyev can cause a surprise. Behind them, there may be a group of some ten cars that also includes our HS RallyeTeam. The top will be close together as usual, and there will be exciting duals for the first ranks.

What do you expect of the tracks in Marocco?

MK Compared to other desert rallyes, the stages are relatively short. But one should not conclude that this makes the race any easier. We have learned that the short stages can be the most challenging. Sometimes it takes you an hour or more to complete 20 or 30 kilometers in soft desert sand. The track will be sandy and technically demanding. We are prepared and will approach the race highly concentrated from the first moment on.


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