Dakar, Day 6 : HS RallyeTeam successfully comes through sand, dust and stones

Weit Stage 6January 11th 2013 : Small damage, big effect: After a brilliant start into the sixth stage of the Rallye Dakar 2013, Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann are thrown back by a tyre damage and have to swallow sand behind a slow competitor. Nevertheless, the team reached the 16th place in the daily qualification and improved to rank 16 overall.

From the first moment on, Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann seemed to feel comfortable in the Chilean Atacama desert: At the first waypoint of the 438 kilometers long Special between Arica and Calama, the SAM 30D CC of the HS RallyeTeam reached the thenth best time amongst the 115 still competing cars. But shortly after, a stone appeared from nowhere. Kahle did not have the chance to evade a damage of a tyre of the 4WD-prototype. This is the first “flatfoot” in six days and on 2,200 kilometers, of which more than 1,000 have been off-road.

The tyre change made Kahle/Schünemann fall back on position 28 (waypoint 2), before they started an outstanding race to catch up. Operating well together, the German duo reached the top 20 very soon after (waypoint 6), despite they had to cope with undesirable side-effects of the service stop: The rear hood of the SAM burst open and provided spectacular pictures. Moreover, the SAM now drove in the dust of some slower competitors.

Already before the neutralized section (kilometer 229 – 326), Kahle/Schünemann had caught up with the Dessoude Buggy of Christian Lavieille. The pilots of the HS RallyeTeam spent the whole second passage of 112 kilometers, with its elevation gain of more than 1.000 meters, behind the Frenchman’s buggy. For such cases, there is the Sentinel-System, which a faster car can use to make its present felt with the help of an acoustic signal. The person in front than has to let the competitor pass. Unfortunately, this did not work as Lavieille simply did not hear the signal.

Despite these obstacles in the dust, Kahle/Schünemann could improve to rank 16 in the daily qualification and moved up a further place in the overall classification, now being 16th. They only lag 10.14 minutes behind Geoffrey Olholm (Toyota Hilux Pickup) who is currently lying ahead of them. The lead over their next pursuer, Christian Lavieille, is 3.13 minutes.

Matthias Kahle: „The first part was a typical Atacama competition with soft sand, high dunes and some gravel passages. The second part lead us through numerous mountain roads. Without support of the person in front, overtaking was absolutely impossible here. With our 4WD, we are actually a lot faster than a buggy on such terrain, so that we could have reached a position even better than 16th.”

Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „We had started really well and than hit this stone that we could not see in advance. This is simply the things that can happen on a desert rallye. The really unpleasant part is that we have been overtaken by some slower cars. It was not possible to advance as much as we could have under normal circumstances.”

Preview: Stage 7, Calama-Salta, Total Distance: 754 km, Special: 220 km

The teams will aim high on the seventh day of the Rallye Dakar: After having crossed the border to Argentina, a comparably short competition of 220 kilometers is waiting for the participants – but this Special is a class of its own. The stage takes place in the Andes, in 3,400 up to 4,000 meters in height. Even if the thin air challenges drivers and engines – the tachometer will hardly fall under 100.

Results of the Rallye Dakar 2013 after Stage 6

Pos. Pilot/Co-Pilot Vehicle

Total Time

1. Peterhansel/Cottret Mini All4 Racing


2. Al-Attiyah/Cruz Qatar Red Bull Buggy


3. De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz Toyota Hilux Pickup


4. Novitskyi/Zhiltsov Mini All4 Racing


5. Chicherit/Garcin SMG V8 Buggy


6. Chabot/Pillot SMG V8 Buggy


7. Roma/Perin Mini All4 Racing


8. Errandonea/Debron SMG Buggy


9. Sousa/Ramalho Great Wall Haval


10. Terranova/Fiuza BMW X3 CC


11. Thomasse/Larroque MD Optimus Buggy


12. Wevers/Lurquin Ford HRX


13. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


14. Spinelli/Haddad Mitsubishi ASX


15. Olholm/Aston Toyota Hilux Pickup


16. Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC


17. Lavieille/Polato Dessoude Buggy


18. Malysz/Marton Toyota Hilux Pickup


19. Coffaro/Meneses Toyota Hilux Pickup


20. Alvarez/Graue Toyota Hilux Pickup


Rankings of the HS RallyeTeam
















Daily class.







Overall class.








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