Dakar, Day 5 : Good performance of Kahle/Schünemann despite loss of power

Stop SAMJanuar 10th 2013 – Curvy rallye tracks in the mountains, interminably long full speed passages and lovely landscapes: The variety of the Rallye Dakar’s fifth stage can hardly be beaten. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann mastered this competition brilliantly – despite the breakdown of the team’s racetruck and a damaged charge air cooler.

The last day of the Rallye Dakar in Peru started with bad news for the HS RallyeTeam. The “Fast Assistance”-racetruck of Mathias Behringer, Hugo Kupper and Michael Karg could not set out for the fifth stage of the world’s hardest rallye and had to give up early. The damaged fan wheel of the Maurer-MAN could not be repaired due to a lack of time and spare parts. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann now will have to manage the last stages without their emergency helpers.

Fortunately, the racetruck was not needed during the 172 kilometers long Special of the fifth day. The competition on Wednesday was comparably easy after three extremely challenging and difficult competitions in the dunes. The Special started on a narrow gravel road, while the middle section was dominated by curvy and technically demanding rallye tracks – just as Matthias Kahle likes it. The end was an apparently never-ending passage at full throttle that in part directly followed the coastline.

After the numerous dramas during the last days, there have hardly been significant changes in the overall classification today. The top teams crossed the finish line only some minutes apart. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann have been amongst the top 20 most of the time, and only had to let some competitors pass on the topspeed-section shortly before the end. The reason: Caused by a crack in the charge air cooler, the Mercedes-engine of the SAM 30D CC did not reach its 300HP and 700 Newton Meters torque. Despite the handicap, the pilots of the HS RallyeTeam reached position 23 in the daily classification. In the overall classification, Kahle/Schünemann asserted rank #17 and extended their lead over the nearest competitors by some minutes.

Matthias Kahle: „As a rallye driver I especially liked the middle part of the competition – this have been some of the best streets we have ever driven on during the Dakar in South America. As the last section went straight ahead, we clearly noticed the damage. The breakdown of Mathias Behringer is really hard for the whole team – personally and for the competition. Mathias was like an emergency insurance we always could rely on.”

Stop ThomDr. Thomas M. Schünemann: „The tracks at the beginning have been so narrow that I sometimes wondered how a truck could fit through them. Here we lost some time in the dust of the Dessoude Buggy of Christian Lavieille we simply could not overtake. Our day is tarnished by the fact that Mathias Behringer, Hugo Kupper and Michael Karg could not compete today. Unfortunately, it was not possible to repair the damage under these circumstances. We would have been pleased if he had reached a good position on his first rallye with a prototype. Now we will give everything to reach the goal without them.

SAM-Team Captain Sven Knorr: „The whole HS RallyeTeam has worked together excellently during the last days – from the SAM mechanics, over the team coordinator Frank Fräber and to the racetruck engineer, who will continue to support us. This is real “Dakar spirit”. Gorgeous! No matter how hard it may be – with such a team, I really enjoy working. “

Preview: Stage 6, Arica-Calama, Total Distance: 767 km, Special: 454 km

„Bienvenido a Atacama“, is the motto of the sixth day on the Rallye Dakar 2013. The driest desert in the world welcomes the Dakar adventurers with a 454 kilometers long Special that is divided in two parts by a neutralized section. The start is shaped by sand and dunes; the second part is stony, but comes up with some malicious fesh-fesh passages. Another long and challenging day is waiting for the teams!

Results of the Rallye Dakar 2013 after Stage 5

Pos. Pilot/Co-Pilot Vehicle

Total Time

1. Peterhansel/Cottret Mini All4 Racing


2. Al-Attiyah/Cruz Qatar Red Bull Buggy


3. De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz Toyota Hilux Pickup


4. Novitskyi/Zhiltsov Mini All4 Racing


5. Roma/Perin Mini All4 Racing


6. Chicherit/Garcin SMG V8 Buggy


7. Chabot/Pillot SMG V8 Buggy


8. Errandonea/Debron SMG Buggy


9. Gadasin/Kuzmich G-Force-Proto


10. Thomasse/Larroque MD Optimus Buggy


11. Sousa/Ramalho Great Wall Haval


12. Olholm/Aston Toyota Hilux Pickup


13. Spinelli/Haddad Mitsubishi ASX


14. Terranova/Fiuza BMW X3 CC


15. Garafulic/Picard Mini All4 Racing


16. Wevers/Lurquin Ford HRX


17. Kahle/Schünemann SAM 30D CC


18. Lavieille/Polato Dessoude Buggy


19. Malysz/Marton Toyota Hilux Pickup


20. Coffaro/Meneses Toyota Hilux Pickup


Rankings of the HS RallyeTeam
















Daily class.






Overall class.







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