HS RallyeTeam looking forward to the start of the 35th Rallye Dakar

HS RallyTeam can’t wait for the start…

Januar 04th 2013 – The air is thick with anticipation in „Dakar Village”, Lima: The highly motivated HS RallyeTeam is waiting feverishly for this years start of the challenging desert race. Tomorrow (Saturday), the duo Matthias Kahle / Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann in the SAM 30D CC as well as 458 other participants will leave for their 8.574 kilometers and 16 day long journey to Santiago the Chile.

The Peruvian capital is upside down since New Year. In the metropolis Lima with its 7.5 million inhabitants, 187 motorcycles, 39 quadbikes, 158 cars and 75 trucks are preparing for the world’s most challenging rally: the 35th Rallye Dakar that will start tomorrow. Since the 2nd of January, the “Dakar Village” at Playa Magdalena has its doors open. Until tonight, up to 200.000 visitors who come to get in touch with the adventures of the desert are expected.

Just as high as the enthusiasm amongst the fans is the tension amongst all participants of the two-week marathon rallye. “We can hardly await the start” explains Matthias Kahle of the HS Rallye Team. He is one of seven German drivers in the field. “Since the Silk Way Rallye, we have done significant development work on our prototype, the SAM 30D CC. Now we are really full of expectations of how we will perform in the Rallye Dakar. I would like to get in the car and set off right now!”

But the driver, who was born in Görlitz (Germany), has to wait for one more day until the green light for the Rallye Dakar, that leads though the dunes of Peru, the pampas of Argentina, the Atacama Desert in Chile and two times over the Andes during 16 days. Who gets through this 8.574 kilometer long tour has all right to celebrate in Chile’s capital Santiago on the 20th of January. The HS Rallye Team has already achieved this success three times with a 2WD buggy, but the team from Hamburg has never been set-up as well as in 2013. Matthias Kahle and Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann have changed the buggy for the powerful 4WD prototype SAM 30D CC. Not only the race car, but also the race truck is a thoroughbred prototype, driven by Matthias Behringer, Hugo Kupper and Michael Karg. The whole Rallye Dakar team from Hamburg is made up by 13 persons.

„Ever single team member is endlessly motivated and willing to push the envelope during the next weeks”, says beaming navigator Dr. Thomas M. Schünemann. “And this is exactly the attitude you need if do not only want to participate in the Rallye Dakar, but reach the best possible results. We have prepared intensively for this event and can rely on excellent material and outstanding people. We cannot await the start.”

Preview: Stage 1, Lima-Pisco, Distance: 263 km, Special: 13 km

Starting from 8 a.m. local time or 2 p.m. German time, the 459 participants will cross the starting line in Lima at one-minute intervals. Kahle/Schünemann (competition number 317) will make their start on the Rallye Dakar 2013 as the 18th car; Behringer/Kupper/Karg (N° 522) follow as the 23rd truck. The challenge of the first day is comparatively simple: The beautifully situated and only 13 kilometers long competition near Pisco is rather to be seen as a prologue to define the starting order for the second stage.


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2 Responses to HS RallyeTeam looking forward to the start of the 35th Rallye Dakar

  1. Tim says:

    Viel Erfolg!
    Die Dienstbereitschaft vom Klinikum Plauen

  2. Zetomat says:

    Haltet unsere Fahnen hoch…….. Der Zet aus Hof drückt Euch die Daumen!!!!!!!!!!!

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